It Takes A Community To Raise A Child

Find more videos like this on ITAC24 LEARNING IS THE WORK FOR 21ST CENTURY SCHOOLS Governments and education systems around the world have invested significant amounts of energy and money in an attempt to reform K-12 schooling. Attempts to ‘revolutionise’ schooling have proved to be at best, well-intentioned or at worst, failures. What we know is that there is no single roadmap for taking schooling forward in today’s world. However, we do share a common educational purpose - to improve the learning outcomes for all students regardless of academic ability, cultural background and socio-economic status. We live in a world that is changing with incredible speed, both locally and globally. We know that one of our greatest challenges is to provide an education that is relevant to today’s learners. A relevant education for today’s learners is not simply sustained by introducing more technology into classrooms. It requires governments, policy makers and systems to go beyond simply altering the edges to transforming the very core of schooling.
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