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The Pre- Referral Process, To Special Education...

Good day It Takes A Community To Raise A Child Community (ITACTRACC)- Today I would give some helpful tips on the Pre- Referral process for Special Education.... This is a topic that comes up all the time especially in the Black Community. Special Education presently has over 80% of African American and minority males.

Often times parent's are so overwhelmed with the language and paperwork that it entails with the I.E.P. (Indivualized Education Program), before you move forward with anything and it's recommended that your child is to be evaluated, here are some steps that you should do first.

First ask to review any anecdotals or write-ups on your child. See if there's a pattern in the behavior when the outburst occurs... i.e right before reading, right after lunch, or math. This could be a trigger and give you insight that there may be a problem with the particular subject or activity.

Next find out what techniques did the teacher and administrators utilized to address the behavior ( you should have been informed as well, so that it's a team effort). Find out how long they attempted the strategy and see if any progress at all was made...

Last but not least if all the above failed, then you should go ahead and have your child evaluated to find our what's going on with him/her. Stay tuned for the referral process..

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