It Takes A Community To Raise A Child

Should prayer be allowed back in school…

As I prepare for my day, I can't help but think of the young minds that await for the summer vacation to be over, and return to school...For they not know the major obstacle that awaits for them, from my understanding our children has failed considerably on the ELA (English Language Arts) exam and are in for a rude awakening come September...

All I could think of is that we must pray for our children..Interesting...whenever there's a disaster or a major crisis prayer always come in the picture, but yet it's not allowed in school..I could remember growing up there was always a moment of silence to allow what ever religion you are to pray and have your moment with God.. So let me be clear, God is only allowed when there's violence in the school, or when there's an unfortunate incident to a child, but not on a daily basis in the school just to converse with him...Interesting...what do you think?

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